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TLWI Rust #96

  • rust team updates

21 May 2022

Announcing Rust 1.61.0 • Announcing Rust 1.61.0 • Things Are Getting Rusty In Kernel Land (Hackaday) • Let's Markdown: A real-time collaborative markdown editor built with Rust, WebAssembly, and React! • Rust: A Critical Retrospective

3 min read

TLWI Rust #95

  • rust team updates

14 May 2022

Security advisory: malicious crate rustdecimal • The rust-analyzer VSCode extension is now published under rust-lang 🎉 • Security advisory: malicious crate rustdecimal | Rust Blog • Xilem: an architecture for UI in Rust • Rocket's 2nd v0.5 Release Candidate is Now Available!

4 min read

TLWI Rust #94

07 May 2022

As part of the stdlib mutex overhaul, std::sync::Mutex on Linux now has competitive performance with parking_lot • A shiny future with GATs - and stabilization • The Better Alternative to Lifetime GATs • Iced, a cross-platform GUI library — New release featuring stateless widgets, responsive views, WebGL support, and more! • The Hidden Power of Rust

3 min read

TLWI Rust #93

30 April 2022

Redox OS 0.7.0 • Spacedrive is an open source cross-platform file explorer, powered by a virtual distributed filesystem written in Rust. • Serverless cache • Cherrybomb v0.6 • Learning Rust

3 min read

TLWI Rust #92

23 April 2022

Cargo now has native support for the `cargo add` command (from the cargo-edit crate)! • Imposter Syndrome - Inside Rust Blog • Rust9x: Compile Rust code for Windows 95, NT and above • Rust Library Team Aspirations | Inside Rust Blog • Genesis in Rust: Getting Started

3 min read

TLWI Rust #91

16 April 2022

rust-analyzer is now official, GitHub repo moved to rust-lang • Bevy 0.7 • How to speed up the Rust compiler in April 2022 • Pointers Are Complicated III, or: Pointer-integer casts exposed • What I learned from making a DNS client in Rust

4 min read

TLWI Rust #90

09 April 2022

Announcing Rust 1.60.0 • Rust Lang Roadmap for 2024 | Inside Rust Blog • The Tower of Weakenings: Memory Models For Everyone • Announcing Rome Formatter • Changes at the Cargo Team | Inside Rust Blog

3 min read

TLWI Rust #89

02 April 2022

A `goto` implementation for Rust • Progress Report #10: rustc_codegen_gcc can now bootstrap rustc! • C Isn't A Programming Language Anymore - Faultlore • difftastic - a diff that understands syntax • Porting the Slint UI Toolkit to a Microcontroller with 264K RAM

4 min read

TLWI Rust #88

26 March 2022

Language details of the Firefox repo: Rust is now 10% of Firefox • Rust's Unsafe Pointer Types Need An Overhaul - Faultlore • Nushell 0.60 - new engine, custom completions, better errors, modules, and much more • A thanks to the traits working group in 2021 • rust-analyzer changelog #121

4 min read

TLWI Rust #87

19 March 2022

Arti 0.1.0 release: an official rewrite of Tor in Rust • Boa release v0.14: A JavaScript engine written in Rust • AUTOSAR announces new Working Group for Programming Language Rust in Automotive Software context • If you’re interested in WebAssembly, and don’t get enough depth here on DEV, read this… • Creating a CLI with Rust

3 min read

TLWI Rust #86

12 March 2022

Things I hate about Rust, redux • Security advisory for the regex crate (CVE-2022-24713) | Rust Blog • Checking out the Linux kernel in under a second with gitoxide • rust-analyzer changelog #119 • Announcing rulex, a new regular expression language

3 min read

TLWI Rust #85

05 March 2022

Learn Rust by writing a small OS • Lapce – open source code editor inspired by Xi-editor • RUI: Experimental declarative Rust UI library inspired by SwiftUI • - Practice Rust with typical examples and chanlleging exercises • Why should you learn Rust?

3 min read